Feb 9, 2015

Skyrim airbrushing project

Started up new airbrushing project while I'm doing them again around... So, here's a bit of repainting my old work desk I've had now about 20 years.
First step was to remove the old stickers and tape and stuff accumulated onto the drawers and then sandpaper the wood into something paintable... Tried using my airbrush to paint the base at first, but then again, it seemed to take way long to coat so I just bought couple spray cans and used those. Worked much better. (need to get bigger airbrush one day).
Next thing to do was make the stencil... printed out couple images of the skyrim imperial logo and drew it bigger onto masking film.
Started painting the image. Aimed for something worn metallish texture, seemed to work at first, but I forgot to add the texture as I added details so it kinda turned tad bit too smooth, I think. Also, the small amounts of silver and platinum colors didn't quite take... there was bit of trouble with those colors anyway. Finally, added some smoke effects around the image.
And here's the final product. There's small spot on the left side of topmost drawer and another on the right at bottom drawer, I didn't mix the varnish well enough during one of the layers so it kinda... 'ate' the paint under it. Had to sandpaper off the areas and re-apply the base paint and varnish again, but luckily the image didn't suffer at all.

Next thing to do is get new handles and clean up the keyhole so it's finished up. After that, to get the other parts done, I guess.

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