Apr 18, 2014

Finished another painting at last

So yeah, finished up this one painting that's been lying around my room since 2011... Finally found enough time and motivation both to start working on my unfinished stuffs. So, here goes...
I left it as black and white since it was the original experimentation idea when I started this. It's also a mix of watercolor and acrylics, as well bit of inking pen, both black and silver (covered it mostly in paint, though it shows up here and there a bit)

Apr 11, 2014

Jewelry designs

Some of the latest jewelry designs I managed to finish up lately. First time using gold-plated stuff too, that's expensive as heck to get...

All these are (or will be) for sale at the local shop here. I'm hoping to manage craft more of these by the summer...

Misc stuff

Some more random-y things I've drawn as well...

Krystal in power armor of sorts. Some idea I wanted to draw. :P

Some characters from World of Warcraft. One on the left was a request for a friend, one on the right was character I made while I got into playing it for a little while.

Some Pokemons. Shiny ones.

Sketchy stuff

Bundle of various sketches I did around.


Some paintings I've made since november 2012:

This one was painted around spring 2013. Went as graduation gift for someone I know. Next to it is the image showing the stages the painting went through until it was finished.

 This one was designed as christmas card for 2013, painted during fall of 2013. I gave the original to my dad as christmas present.

Scifi stuff

Some concepts and stuff I've drawn since november 2012:

First some ship designs I doodled up. Some of these will appear in the Spacefight game, as well.

It's a box!

 Some sort of techy assassin thingie I cam up with while bored. And I know, she's got big butt. Heh.

Tank design idea I did for my comic, Final Sunrise.

A little redesign of one of the characters that will pop up later down in my comic. Also played around with lighting effects...

Been busy. Again.

Well, been a while. 2013 was rather busy year with all sorts of work, stuff, art, work, work and some more work. Soooo I may have couple new blog texts to update for now and lots of new content. Though, for now let's recap some things I did since november 2012, I think...

November to december 2012, I got another job at Karhupaja to do more clay stuff and such. Also got hired to make illustrations for Spacefight game (I recommend to check it out).

January to may 2013 was rather hectic with tons of work until february (really got tired there) as well rather large amount of power outages due heavy snow burdened trees falling on power lines. Had to sit some of the time drawing stuff in candlelight. Also had roommate for couple months that I don't really want to go into more details about.

Summer of 2013, got another job at Livokas by then again, we had loads of events going on so busy busy times. Also was sick a lot during that summer. But I managed to do some stuff between all that at least. On top of it, we had rather unusually long and hot summer going on this time around.

Fall to December 2013... well, pretty much just more work. Nothing much else going on. My job at Livokas ended (for now).

2014 so far: Been pretty usual. Been little unemployed, but having lot more time to work on various art stuffs. Played some games I missed out on last year and couple new ones. Also, finally managed to find shop to buy a new tablet from, so I got finally this Wacom Cintiq, though the smaller model of 13HD (bigger ones were heckuva too expensive yet for me). Been sketching couple things on it so far and it looks promising.

But oh well, next coming up will be various pieces of stuff I've done since last update, so...