Aug 23, 2012

More airbrushing...

Just adding two more images of my first airbrush project and how it has progressed.

 Here, started adding details at first with white. Took a bit to figure out how to make properly thin lines, though, so there's couple spots here and there where I put in too much paint... At least they didn't start leaking around like when I added the red.
Next I coated the whites with red, so the 'glow' came out from 'em. Went better than I expected now. Though, I had some trouble when adding the whites again to detail the lightning... Apparently the white color behaves slightly different from the others so far, I think. Or I'm just going wrong about something here. Eh, I'll figure it out. Still, the hubcaps turned out kinda nice. Just need the coating now. Will post photos once that's done.

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