Aug 21, 2012

Busy summer, indeed...

Well damn, that was really busy summer thus far. Still, I've gotten plenty of things done, like work... work... work... and well, work. Among some artistic things. Bought some materials over past month, new tools as well supplies and other stuff.

One notable purchase this time is actually my new airbrush, since I got it for super deal from Motonet. Been looking for one, but they were usually bit too pricey for novice like me to get one to start with. So, kinda good thing I got this one, and I've even managed to start practicing with, with these old hubcaps of mine:
 Pretty much still cleaning them from dust and grime here, followed by bit of sandpapering.
Started up with some base paint and then red over the center pieces. Left one turned out bit of a fail due my still-learning usage of airbrush and not thinning paint properly. Still, managed to learn quite a bit today.

Going to finish these hubcaps around tomorrow, if I'm able. Also hoping that my airbrush still functions, I did clean it up quite thoroughly, though... disassembled and all. Oh well, we'll see then I guess.

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