Aug 31, 2012

"Throne Room" project

Something I'm working at work, a sort of "throne room". So, here's few photos of the progress thus far...
 Left... the room before any paintworks. Plain white wall. Right... Laid down some base paints, dark blue, though it appears brighter in the photo.

Again left... Started adding details in light blue and white, leaving the 'seams' in dark blue. And on the right, just recently added the red color. More coming around next week. :)

Another hubcap project...

Sooo yeah, started working on another hubcap project now that I have tad bit more time at hand. So, here we go:
 Here's basically what they look like (after I cleaned up most of the black grime and oil that had coated them). Suffered a tad bit damage, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with bit of glue and duct tape.
Started by fixing up the two hubcaps at front with some epoxy... Had to leave them to dry for now. Still, the other two were in pretty good condition, so I just started sandpapering them down with some grade 600 watersandpaper stuff... never used it before, so I had to figure it out some. And note to self; buy more of them, single sheet is barely enough for all the projects I have in mind...

Anyway, got two of them about done ready for the primer. Hopefully I get to paint 'em soon, I have some ideas in mind...

Aug 25, 2012

Computer case airbrushing... done!

Well, here's the finished case, sort of. Still have to coat it with lacquer second time (I run out of it) and maybe paint the remaining frontal parts if they stand out too much... But anyway, here's photo:
So far, taken me about 9 hours total to paint this. Still, worth the hassle, learned to use masks and bit of new technique while at it.

Computer case airbrushing, part 2

So, here's some progress this morning.
 Here's the other side up and done almost...
 And finally almost done; assembled it for a moment to take couple photos before adding the coating.

Had just aboug enough coating left in the spraycan to coat it once; have to see if it will be enough or if I need to go out and buy another can... Anyway, will show photos once it has dried enough. :)

Aug 24, 2012

Computer case airbrushing...

Sooo, here's couple more photos of the current airbrushing project...
 Finished left side panel so far. Just might need some minor fixes on the edges after I get the other sides done, but otherwise just needs coating now.
Work in progess of the other sides. Not much left now. :)

Aug 23, 2012

Airbrushing some more...

Okays, so here's some photos of my next project, a computer case I had lying around to test some techniques and first mask on...

Hubcaps done!

Got the hubcaps coated, and it finally dried enough so that I could move them about a bit and take couple photos. So, here you go:
Got another project underway as well, trying out some different techniques as well masking. We'll see soon how it goes.

More airbrushing...

Just adding two more images of my first airbrush project and how it has progressed.

 Here, started adding details at first with white. Took a bit to figure out how to make properly thin lines, though, so there's couple spots here and there where I put in too much paint... At least they didn't start leaking around like when I added the red.
Next I coated the whites with red, so the 'glow' came out from 'em. Went better than I expected now. Though, I had some trouble when adding the whites again to detail the lightning... Apparently the white color behaves slightly different from the others so far, I think. Or I'm just going wrong about something here. Eh, I'll figure it out. Still, the hubcaps turned out kinda nice. Just need the coating now. Will post photos once that's done.

Aug 21, 2012

Busy summer, indeed...

Well damn, that was really busy summer thus far. Still, I've gotten plenty of things done, like work... work... work... and well, work. Among some artistic things. Bought some materials over past month, new tools as well supplies and other stuff.

One notable purchase this time is actually my new airbrush, since I got it for super deal from Motonet. Been looking for one, but they were usually bit too pricey for novice like me to get one to start with. So, kinda good thing I got this one, and I've even managed to start practicing with, with these old hubcaps of mine:
 Pretty much still cleaning them from dust and grime here, followed by bit of sandpapering.
Started up with some base paint and then red over the center pieces. Left one turned out bit of a fail due my still-learning usage of airbrush and not thinning paint properly. Still, managed to learn quite a bit today.

Going to finish these hubcaps around tomorrow, if I'm able. Also hoping that my airbrush still functions, I did clean it up quite thoroughly, though... disassembled and all. Oh well, we'll see then I guess.