Oct 4, 2011

Been a while...

Sure been a while, but I've had things and the like to do this summer. With my summer job finished, I've been unemployed for a little while so to speak, until I got that teaching job again. Though, I'm unsure if we'll get enough students this year to continue it. Have to wait and see I guess.

Got my car fixed up completely, though it wont go past 100kph anymore. Doesn't matter though, I usually drive only around 80kph, and since it doesn't spend that much gas anymore... I'm fine with that for now.

On art stuff, I've been doing a few things I will uploading in next blog texts...

Oh, and got kinda drunk last weekend. Not enough to cause hangover, though. Somewhat interesting experience, since I remember most of the night and it had been some six years from last (and first) time. All in all... Well, it's going to be few more years if I'm going to get that inebriated again.

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