Jan 8, 2011


So, another year begins. Last year went by with being busy and doing some artz while being busy, but not really much of my own stuff, really. My latest job contract ended up just before new year, so I'm sorta unemployed again, until I get my stuff in order to get back into freelancing... Meaning drawing stuff for money. However you see it. :P

Though, seems I haven't been able to post new stuff here since october.Well, things were bit busy and all I guess... Here's some pieces I've managed since then though:

 This is most recent. Just a doodle that I ended up coloring, while testing out the new tablet fully.

 Another ship design I decided to brush up with some details and stuff. Below is quick shot from the cockpit, which I might yet work on...

Besides these, haven't really gotten done much else. Planning to fix that once I get things rolling this year...