Nov 15, 2011

Fall 2011 sketches

Well, some few sketch things I've gotten done sometime recently, both in my sketchbook as well in computer. Nothing much else going on at the moment, except being busy with various stuffs to keep myself fed. The usual life struggles, y'know?

Oct 15, 2011

Oct 4, 2011


 Sort of hover scout thingie concept I made up one day in boredom. Gave it some colors and stuff, too.
 A bit of random comic page inspired by music and certain anime I watched recently. :P

Bits of random sketches from my sketchbooks.
Tattoo design someone asked me to draw for her. Will know later about it if it turns out into actual tattoo. Would be kinda neat, me thinks.

Summer paintings

 Painting I made as a commission for a relative around where I live. Actually first painting I've made entirely from photo reference... It was something different to paint, alright. The house in question is just on the other side of the river where I live, too.
A little something I was asked to paint for Urpo's memorial service. Chose to go with old-style iron cross with some decorations.

Been a while...

Sure been a while, but I've had things and the like to do this summer. With my summer job finished, I've been unemployed for a little while so to speak, until I got that teaching job again. Though, I'm unsure if we'll get enough students this year to continue it. Have to wait and see I guess.

Got my car fixed up completely, though it wont go past 100kph anymore. Doesn't matter though, I usually drive only around 80kph, and since it doesn't spend that much gas anymore... I'm fine with that for now.

On art stuff, I've been doing a few things I will uploading in next blog texts...

Oh, and got kinda drunk last weekend. Not enough to cause hangover, though. Somewhat interesting experience, since I remember most of the night and it had been some six years from last (and first) time. All in all... Well, it's going to be few more years if I'm going to get that inebriated again.

Jul 9, 2011

Hot summer...

So yeah, the summer heat waves continue, with occasional cooler days now and then, but otherwise... it's damn hot! Despite that, I've managed to work out some pieces of art, though. For example, this painting of family tree for a family gathering of sorts. The challenge with this one was the one that I had only three days to finish it; managed it in two, luckily. And I think it turned out just about good enough... I think.
But anyways, more updates once I get my things in gear and the like... There's still some things I have forgotten to post, so I'll be figuring out where they are and get some pictures. :)

Jun 20, 2011

Summer heat

So, the summer has started with some nice heat (and some not so nice extra heat). I've managed my move perfectly to new place and I've started on my new job as well. Been somewhat busy, but here's some pieces of drawings I've managed to scribble meanwhile.

Upper left: A bit more of painting attempt in computer, still refining the techniques.
Upper right: Some random sketch with bit of paint applied.
Lower center: Supposed to be bridge of a ship of sorts, but I changed things around and ended up with that...

May 20, 2011


Some imagery made when I got bit more inspired by steampunk genre... Maybe I'll do more later.

Been a while, been busy...

So, haven't really gotten to update for a while. It's been awfully busy spring this year on all fronts, except on artsy stuff... I really need to catch up on it, so there's few pictures next that I've managed to work on. Mostly sketchy things.

My car's been under repairs for a while lately, with lotsa stuff breaking down and the usual thing with cars. It seems to be about done with the repairs now though, I just need one more trip to fix some wiring and repaint the hood and places a little. Oh, and wash the car engine after that oil leak. Lot to do.

Soon after that I have to move too. Not sure how long I'll be offline, but hopefully not longer than few days when I get my stuff settled up in new place and internet connection up. But we'll see. Maybe I'll post a few photos and the like too when I'm there.

But anyways, here's some doodles I made recently in short course I attended. I'm not really good at sitting still in class, so... :)

Feb 7, 2011


 Haven't done much lately besides few commission pieces and some doodling. Been lacking in... motivation, I guess. And inspiration. Been mostly reading up on stuff and playing games, trying to find those. Other times, it's just been real life mucking up things and the like. Here's some shots of what I've gotten done, though:

This one's a sort of speedpainting attempt. Took maybe two hours to finish, I think.

Bit of a sketch of new painting I'm working on at the moment. Might post some progress pictures later.

Jan 8, 2011


So, another year begins. Last year went by with being busy and doing some artz while being busy, but not really much of my own stuff, really. My latest job contract ended up just before new year, so I'm sorta unemployed again, until I get my stuff in order to get back into freelancing... Meaning drawing stuff for money. However you see it. :P

Though, seems I haven't been able to post new stuff here since october.Well, things were bit busy and all I guess... Here's some pieces I've managed since then though:

 This is most recent. Just a doodle that I ended up coloring, while testing out the new tablet fully.

 Another ship design I decided to brush up with some details and stuff. Below is quick shot from the cockpit, which I might yet work on...

Besides these, haven't really gotten done much else. Planning to fix that once I get things rolling this year...