Oct 12, 2010

Winter's coming

So, I've been wee bit busy lately with lots of stuff. There was computer to build, computer to upgrade, stuff to draw, etc. Here's some photos of the custom computer commission I've been working on...

As you can see, it's bigger and more powerful than my own current one (on the photo on the right, my computer is on the right and the custom on the left with glowy fans...). Still, it was pretty fun to build so far, still gots some parts coming in from the mail though... So it'll be some weeks yet before it will fully finished. Got most of the software in there already, though.
Also, got lately new tablet as well, cost me a bunch, but it was worth it... Here's small image above from recent test run I had while testing and adjusting it.

Other than the current stuff, seems the winter is on its way finally, with the bit of snow coming in and cold nights... Got the winter tires up and running under my car, so that side is covered for now. Still got some trouble with cooling though...

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