Oct 23, 2010

Vacation and cakes

So, I took a bit of vacation to rest up and do some gaming with my cousin for a bit. Been a while since last time I had time play games anyway... Ended up testing the computer I've been building up as well when my brother came visit for a bit. We were up wee bit late but it was fun. Also made two trips to Ranua, though I noticed my car's still eating gas like heck... Probably something wrong with the engine (though it's just been fixed up a lots) or the engine is 2.0l instead of 1.6l. Either way, seems I need to find new car that eats less. Again.

Also made some cakes. Fun stuff that. First one on the left, I made for my cousin's birthday. Was still experimenting a bit since I hadn't made one before... And then I made the one on right for my sister who came to visit again from south. That was bit more fun, and I even made it with two layers. :3
And yeah, beer bottles. I need to remind my brother to take them with him next time he visits, not to bring in more...

Still got some computer work to be done this weekend, then I can probably concentrate more on drawing and whatnot. Always so busy with other stuff nowadays...

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