Sep 18, 2010

Car fixes, work, stuff...

Well, things been rather busy lately in most fronts, so I haven't been around to update much. I got pictures and some updates on life this time though.

At work, we've had these animals we've had to take care for during the summer and stuff, I managed to snap a bit of photos of 'em before they were taken away again. :)

First this black bunny (which one's name I forgot again), and some sheep munching on some greener grass for chance.

Otherwise though, I've been painting and whatnot... Have to put up update photo of that soon, as well.

Back to life stuff... My car's been working great, but lately I've noticed the large gas consumption it has. Soooo, I made a trip and got this chunk of metal on the left replaced with something Weber made... It should lessen the gas usage at least some, I hope.

Along the way, I got this photo of the dog my uncle got around there while we worked at my car... He's a bundle of energy, that's for sure. :)

Otherwise, got many things to be done soon, so I might upload some few more things to show later on... Next month shows promising amount of activity, it seems for now.

Updates on art after this one. :)

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