Sep 25, 2010


Nothing much going on at the moment but relaxing now that I finally got some days off. Planned to assemble that one computer this weekend, but it seems the parts were delayed by week, so... I got to relax a bit for a chance. Anyway, here's some images of what I've been up to lately:

This is the finished painting from my workplace at Livo, which I finished just this week. Took me full month to work up this one, and I'm still not really satisfied with the house in it... Guess I'll do some fix-ups later.
This one's here one of my random ideas I came up with one sleepless night, it was originally meant to be just a sketch, but Dragon-Nexus wished to color it, so I spent hour or two more inking it... Came out good, I think.

Also got my car fixed up finally, so I don't need to worry about that for a while now, I hope.

Sep 20, 2010

Painting as usual

Another day, another painting progress. About time I put up another one, here's the progress so far on the painting, and I'll be posting more later on this week, since it's getting close to finish.

Otherwise not much going on at the moment.

Sep 18, 2010

Exosuit designs, Knight Suit

Well, another Exosuit design, this one's originally one of S'Zira's lightly armoured suit, which I decided to use in the comic later on... This particular model is Shield Corporation's Light Knight Suit, not too great armour, but provides actually minor amount of shielding against energy weapons.

Car fixes, work, stuff...

Well, things been rather busy lately in most fronts, so I haven't been around to update much. I got pictures and some updates on life this time though.

At work, we've had these animals we've had to take care for during the summer and stuff, I managed to snap a bit of photos of 'em before they were taken away again. :)

First this black bunny (which one's name I forgot again), and some sheep munching on some greener grass for chance.

Otherwise though, I've been painting and whatnot... Have to put up update photo of that soon, as well.

Back to life stuff... My car's been working great, but lately I've noticed the large gas consumption it has. Soooo, I made a trip and got this chunk of metal on the left replaced with something Weber made... It should lessen the gas usage at least some, I hope.

Along the way, I got this photo of the dog my uncle got around there while we worked at my car... He's a bundle of energy, that's for sure. :)

Otherwise, got many things to be done soon, so I might upload some few more things to show later on... Next month shows promising amount of activity, it seems for now.

Updates on art after this one. :)

Sep 7, 2010

Exosuit designs, part 2

More armour variations, on the left army variation with different color themes and on the right a SpecOps variation meant for stealth.

Sep 6, 2010

Exosuit designs and renovations

Working on some Exosuit designs... Also chance to draw one of my old comic characters again, though slightly redesigned as well. One the left is just the bare underlayer of the suit, giving slight protection against impacts, while on the right is C-class armour plating for civilian use, like cops and such. It gives protection against small arms fire, but not much more. On thigh is small magnetic plate for pulse pistol for police officers, and the headset contains comm gear as well scanner visor with map and basic scanning & radar functions.

On the other news, my flat renovations started today. There's going to be holes in my walls soon...

Sep 5, 2010

Busy as usual...

Been working the wall mural a bit more, as seen above. I've added some more since that photo, but I'll have to get new picture first before I can show it... So this'll have to suffice for now.

Been moving my stuff around my flat for the morning. Boxes, clothing, stuff, stuff, stuff... Didn't know my closet had that much stuff collected in there (nor didn't I remember it was THAT deep!). All that because of the impending renovations, new water pipelines or something. I guess we'll see once they start tomorrow.

Bought a second car, too. Works good as spare part provider for my current one, since they're same model. :3