Jul 26, 2010

Paintings and hot weathers

Well, life's been rather busy lately, but here we go... First some news from art front.

Day 10... Added more details and stuff around. Again.

Day 12. It's finally done!!! And just in time too, because the next day that room was needed for guests and other stuff use. Managed to add some flowers and other stuff, like that barn, and finish them as well. Now if I'd just find some moment to rest for a bit...

Anyway, on the other stuff. Job's been busy as heck past few days and going to be so for this week at least. Still, I'm going to have day, two off, so some art-time is planned... Unless someone decides to visit and crash at my place like last sunday when my planned art-time was. And the days off before that... and before that...

But oh well. I just need to wait until the summer's over so these visits cease and I get to concentrate. And maybe finally get away from this pesky heat wave this summer's been producing. Hot weathers and thunderstorms... Already lost my cellphone to this summer.

Well, more stuff later.

Jul 19, 2010

Starting a blog...

So, I thought I'd start a little art blog like this... Yes, I used to have LiveJournal account, but I deleted it some time ago, having been unused for long time.

As for this one, I'm planning to use this blog to show the progress of my current stuff that is going on, larger projects and the like. With occasional peek at what's going on about in my life and stuff.

Not sure how much I will update this with my current job though, as it tends to keep me rather busy most of the time.

Speaking of my job, I'm currently painting a large wall mural of sorts at my workplace, here are some images of the progress so far.

Day 1. Mostly spent the day preparing the 'canvas', cleaning it up and stuff as well prepping my tools.

Day 2... Painted the base. Nothing fancy yet.

Day 4. Painted the sky and some backgroung forests so far.

Day 8. Had to take some time off between painting due heat wave, it is still progressing fairly fast. Started on the closer details so far, just needs some more before I can get to painting the remaining stuff.